Camming Con 2015

Last month I got to spend a weekend in South Beach Miami with fellow cam girls for a convention that revolves around our sex work. Camming Con is the first ever webcam industry convention. It gives cam models a chance to meet and befriend one another, as well as our fans. The experience was absolutely surreal and I still feel beyond grateful to have been asked to participate. I got to meet Stacey Havoc and Clinton Cox, the two Cam Con co-founders. They were such kind, down to earth people who made all us models feels welcome and comfortable throughout our stay. The SLS hotel hosted the event, even providing a model lounge that came handy for relaxing, snacking, and napping.

The first night was the welcome party. Swag bags full of fun goodies were handed out as were name badges, and when I walked in, there were hot men in speedos serving champagne, making sure no model’s hand was ever without a glass. There was a beautiful ice sculpture of the Cam Con logo that was designed to have drinks poured down the top of it while someone sipped out the other end of it. The pool was awesome and there was even a giant silver duck to keep us company. The main table had hired models crawling on all fours, dressed as cats that purred the night away. Halfway through the party a very Gaga-like model strutted in with two more cat women on leashes. The night was so surreal and every minute only got wilder and wilder.

Day two kicked off with Industry Day, which was held at the Raleigh Penthouse in South Beach. Models got to meet with the people make the magic happen at our cam sites as well as other companies in the industry. We received empty swag bags which were filled to the brim with freebies from companies as we walked around and met with professionals who offered to open even more doors for us within the industry. This was also the night I met and bonded with Buni Buni, an MFC cam model. She was the one I’d come to rely on for the rest of the weekend. Afterwards, a few of us went to Stacey and Clint’s home at The Ritz where we sparked up three blunts before we were due to appear at Basement, a Miami nightclub/bowling alley/ice rink. For real.

The third and final day began with Fan Day at the Mansion. It was such an intoxicating experience to meet the men and women who watch me on cam, in person. I was so anxious before the event started that I threw back six glasses of champagne before the doors even opened and fans started pouring in. It didn’t really hit me that I’m a known figure within the camming community until I had people I’d never met before who knew my name, my style, my likes and dislikes. It was all so eye-opening and humbling at once. After the overwhelming day, we all went back to the hotel to nap before getting ready to hit up E11EVEN, the club that was hosting our closing party. EC Twins performed while acrobatic strippers flew from the ceiling. I reached nirvana when I sat in VIP smoking a blunt while I received a shoulder massage from a half naked bottle girl. If there’s a heaven, that was definitely it.

I’m so blessed to have spent a weekend by souls who are so beautiful, inside and out. Every model I met was so sweet and supportive of one another. Girls like Buni, Sammi Ross, Christiana Cinn, Keely, Pout Princess, Meli, and Gina Valentina made the weekend so much more enjoyable. Stacey Havoc is like the cool older sister I never had and I’m so thankful she created an event where all us cam models can get together and just bond over the shit we go through. I love what I do and it was so satisfying to meet other women who can relate to that. Camming Con can definitely expect to have me back next year. I’m already counting down the days!

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