Snapchat hates cam girls (and butts)!


Any snapchatter knows by now that the app recently updated its Terms of Service. Originally taking the crown for the best (read: safest) way to send someone nudes, pornographic/nude content is apparently now a major snapping no-no. The new rule originates from an effort to be more PG and attract younger users. The consequence for violating this no nude rule is having your account suspended by Snapchat. Don’t worry, the app is not screening you with the purpose of catching you sending nudes; you have to be reported by another user. In all honesty, you can probably still safely send your booty pics to your booty call.

Unfortunately, for webcam models like myself, this really puts a dent in business. It’s common place in the industry for us to sell access to our Snapchat account, giving supporters a more intimate look at our daily lives and naughty bits. Several cam girls have already had their account suspended, being reported by a pissed off “fan”. It’s too risky but it now leaves us with the difficult task of deciding what to do with our existing Snapchat. The exclusive pornographic content was the deciding factor for a supporter looking to purchase and now that’s been taken away, we face losing some serious money. While I’m still trying to figure what type of content I can bring to those who’ve already purchased, I’ve followed in the footsteps of some of my fellow performers and have created a public SFW Snapchat. So all those can feel free to add me by searching the username filthgoddess

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