My love/hate relationship with Kylie Jenner

Love her or hate her, Kylie Jenner is a household name. Born into the Kardashian empire, the 18 year old has grown to become a social media success – stunting grills, cars and clothes on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. She’s recognized and envied for her plump pout, glamour girl lashes and ever-changing hair.

All that being said, I both hate and love the girl. Though my hate doesn’t run to the depth of leaving angry IG comments under her photos or wishing her ill will, I simply can’t stand the things she says and does. Why? She’s a teenager. As a “real adult” it is my duty to find teenagers to be very annoying and immature. But in all honestly, the world for Kylie at 18 is not the world I had at 18. I’m not just talking about all the extra zeros in her bank account but from the music to the fashion to the technology, a lot changed in just a handful of years. I’m simply no longer at an age where it would be appropriate for me to relate to a young girl who enjoys taking 10 second long selfie videos on Snapchat.

But for all the reasons King Kylie gives me “little sister who wants to tag along with me everywhere” vibes, I also feel a big sisterly protectiveness. Here is a teenage girl who has been sexualized for years and is subjected to the harsh critiques of all too nosy adults on the internet. When you grow up in the same household as three idolized sex symbols, it’s easy to understand why you would aspire to become the same. Sex sells and the Kardashian klan knows how to market it, but the reality is that Kylie is just a girl and her target market is the American teen girl. I find it incredibly disturbing when grown men (who wouldn’t have a chance even in their wildest dreams) sexualize Kylie in an attempt to demean her personhood. The same goes for grown women who leave the most embarassing hateful comments under tweets and photos. Why is it that our society loves to hate celebrities? How did we get to worshipping the status of celebrity so much so that adults feel entitled to degrading the lifestyle of a TEENAGER?

Now in their 30s, the Kardashian sisters seem to have transitioned their focus on being wives and MILFs and the young Jenner sisters have stepped into their big sisters’ shoes (Louboutins, no doubt) to become the new and improved IT girls of the 2010s.

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