BB Cream of My DREAMS!

A few weeks ago I came across a new brand at Walgreens – CIRCA. It’s a new cosmetics line by actress Eva Mendes. According to her, she had Latina skin tones in mind when coming out with her range of products, which includes foundations, concealers, lip stains, and mascaras, amongst other things. Prices range from $7-15 making it one of the more expensive drugstore brands, but with promise of high end quality. Though Walgreens is the only retailer currently carrying this brand, the best part is that there are testers right at the display! Unfortunately the lightest shade of foundation in the line was way too yellow toned for me (ah, the plight of the pale Latina) BUT I found love in the Circa Beauty Color Balance BB Cream.

300 The BB cream retails for $14 and I picked it up in the shade 01 Light. I was never a fan of BB creams before this. I found that all the other ones I’ve tried lacked the coverage and consistency I desired. This one is creamy and the color matches my skin flawlessly. It is super lightweight and makes my face feel so soft. It claims to be full coverage and though I disagree, it definitely provides the most coverage I’ve ever gotten out of a BB cream and can be easily built up without getting cakey. It’s also worth saying that it works amazingly as a primer. I prefer to apply this with my fingers as opposed to a brush because I feel like I get the best coverage this way and don’t have to use as much product. The finish is a natural, hydrating glow that looks beautiful but can definitely be an issue if you’re oily skinned like me. The BB cream won’t do anything to mattify your face, which I learned the hard way. Thankfully, it’s nothing some finishing powder on the T-zone and spritz of setting spray can’t fix!

I’m hoping this will kick ass against Chicago heat waves because I can definitely see myself reaching for it as my part of my daily summer makeup routine. I love that the look of it is just so natural and it blends in so well that it’s virtually undetectable to feel on my skin. It’s a current obsession so here’s to hoping it’s a keeper!

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